Por @Alvy — 23 de Junio de 2003

Una demostración de que en eBay se puede hacer dinero de la Nada, concretamente 14,50 dólares tras 14 pujas en una semana.

Nothing for sale – I am legitimately trying to sell nothing. It is hard to describe nothing but I can tell you that it is nothing like anything you have ever seen. There is no photo available because I do not know how to take a picture of nothing.

I am really trying to sell nothing. My friends tell me that people will buy anything on eBay. Now I want to see if I it is possible to sell nothing. I also want to find out how much nothing is worth to someone? I want to find out the price of nothing.

(…) Note: If you bid on this item, you are bidding on nothing. If you end up with the winning bid, you will get nothing. I will ship nothing to you. There are no shipping costs associated with this item because it costs nothing to ship nothing.

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