Por @Alvy — 17 de Septiembre de 2003
Tareas hercúleas en el Google Code Jam 2003:
«(...) We have some serious problems and we'd like to share them with people who are motivated by that kind of challenge. So, you're invited to take part in the Google Code Jam 2003, a programming competition that will be worthy of your time, your skills and your interest.

(...) We've got serious problems. Like developing efficient implementations for large-scale mathematical problems, such as running Google's Pagerank algorithm on a graph of 3 billion nodes and 20 billion edges. Or harnessing the computational resources of more than 10,000 computers to solve large-scale problems.»
Todo un reto, si señor.

Y, por cierto, como apuntaron Dirson y Barrapunto.com, el dominio google.es lleva unos días en funcionamiento.
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