Por @Alvy — 29 de Marzo de 2004
>Hello, Alice
ALICE: Hi there!
>How are you doing?
ALICE: I'm doing great, how about you?
>Well, a typical day at work
ALICE: Interesting. How old are you?
>I'm 36
ALICE: Oh, you were born in the 20th century!
>How old are you?
ALICE: I am 7 of your Earth years.
>Do you know where the Weapons of Mass Destruction are?
ALICE: I would search for it. Have you tried looking in the Open Directory? Searching... Searching.. Please stand by...
>Don't worry
ALICE: Worry is not an emotion I experience.
>Good bye!
ALICE: See you later. Ayuh.

Se llama A.L.I.C.E. y aunque está lejos de superar el Test de Turing puede servir para pasar un rato divertido.
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